eHR/Biometric (Fingerprint) Time Attendance and Payroll Cloud System

Clients praise the Netorus™ system due to its innovation. The employee clocks in and out, and then the information is generated to a remote server, where managers can access the information from any computer. The information can be accessed anywhere to monitor employees and can be used to analyze business needs. In addition, system dministrators have the ability to make changes to employee hours based on the system fingerprint information. Furthermore, the system keeps the work environment honest, and avoids time clock disagreements. No one can dispute the recorded time, because the system records fingerprints in real time. Netorus™ payroll provides companies with convenience by offering self-configurative salary items and calculation formulas that are linked with the cloud fingerprint system. Once the human resource manager and accountant complete payroll formula configuration and validation, only one-click is required to review payroll output in the next months. Companies can save money and time rather than using a basic spreadsheet.