Netorus, Inc.

Over the past 15 years, Netorus™ has completed over 2000 patentable innovation CLOUD software and whole flow process automation technologies. This includes Expense Flow Control, Budget Flow Control, Cash Flow Control, Accounting/Cost software, Payroll, Human Resources, Finger-Print Time Attendance System, Wireless Barcode Inventory Cloud software, eSerialization management, Production MES and Quality LIMS/QC/QA, etc. AceBios is the Netorus™ Partner to help facilitate the needs of your company. Our mission is to develop, help and increase profits, long-term relationships with our clients by providing needs-based solutions (products and services) while observing the highest standards of ethics and business conduct. We make use of current technology to enhance efficiency and timeliness.We offer a free initial consultation to all prospective clients.

Netorus™ software outstanding difference and advantage

Outstanding difference and advantage – ORP vs. ERP

Netorus™ completed Overall Resource Planning in comparison to traditional ERP. ERP software usually is one isolated information island of procurement, sales, inventory and accounting without the capability of communicating between each function. Netorus™ integrates all management function module systems together—from basic inventory, sales, procurement and accounting to outstanding cloud-based expense flow control, budget flow control, cash flow control and automatically journal entry and posting to the general ledger.

Outstanding difference and advantage – Superset vs. Subset

Netorus™ is a superset of ERPs—meaning that each ERP is a subset of the Netorus™ ORP (Overall Resources Planning) package. The software packages which are used in many enterprises today have separated function subsets, such as sales, procurement, inventory, accounting, human resources etc. In these cases, each software program has been created by different software companies and they are all subsets of an ORP. Netorus™’ ORP is a superset of all different management systems’ data fields, and it is very easy to customize the interface to integrate and communicate with other different software products if the client chooses to keep using their current software in addition to Netorus™.

Outstanding difference and advantage – Flow Control vs. Bookkeeping

Netorus™ integrates different enterprise management functions and implements flow control management. The benefits of using Netorus™ is that your company will require fewer resources to work on expense requests or invoicing as all journal entries are automatically generated. Expense requests and invoices can be entered into the system by each employee and can be approved by supervisors online, and will not need a bookkeeper or accountant to process transactions. Netorus™ software is a management tool that helps business owners to decrease the overall management cost.

Outstanding difference and advantage – Mobile Cloud-based vs. Desktop Stand-alone Over 15 years

Netorus™ has developed all of its software based on Cloud technology and uses a six-level, matured security Internet access. Companies can run a virtual application or operating system within a browser which preserves user session and data.

Outstanding difference and advantage – Overall planning, Step by step implementation

Netorus™ has superset collective management solutions, which allow companies to choose one module at a time to successfully install and utilize. Netorus™ is designed to allow companies to choose their own set of business functions and enterprise-wide solutions. In addition, companies can customize their Netorus™ Installation by adding new database entities, as well as new functionality.

Outstanding difference and advantage – Six levels of security controls

Netorus™ security experts have over 20 years of experience with cloud-based access security and can offer our clients the same Internet security protection as does large corporation.

Outstanding difference and advantage – Freedom to Operate (FTO)

Netorus™, the original patent innovator, continues to upgrade the creative technology. Choose Netorus instead of the competitors, with no risk to infringe the intellectual properties.